Find below the indications to participate in the UNCHAINED project


In order to participate in this project you just need to have been invited by Mouarf or Alessandra from Notorious or to have contacted us.

Mouarf :

+33 6 50 31 75 70 (WhatsAap)

Alessandra :

+33 6 22 39 68 55 (WhatsApp)

Notorious Brand reserves the right to accept or not the Artists who contact us by spontaneous application (theme, deadlines, size conformity etc.…).


The Artist creates a work on the theme of femininity.

Theme and size

The imposed theme is Woman-Women, in connection with our support to the Women’s Foundation, because we wish to support the efforts of this beautiful foundation, especially in these difficult times.

Size: between A4 and A0. Support of your choice (must be transportable by post)

(Yes a 31,4 x 73,7 works :-))

Deadline for sending the file to Notorious (HD photo/scan HD…)

Monday, November 30th, 2020 at Midnight

Please complete your file with a Scan or HD photo of the work, Title, Technique used, Size, Starting auction price and weight!

Deadline for sending the work by mail to Notorious

Immediately after your Artwork is sold


50 % Artiste

40 % Notorious Brand

10 % Women’s Foundation

How it works

The sale is an auction that will take place on our Instagram Notorious Brand only.

The duration of the auction is 2 days per work.

Buyers bid by specifying the amount they wish to allocate to the works by commenting on our Instagram posts.

At the appointed time (e.g. November 16, 9:00 pm), the bidding stops and the comment with the highest amount wins the work; the time of the comment being authoritative.

Social networks and hashtags




HASHTAGS : #notoriousbrand #unchained #fightforartists

Artists’ pay

The Artists alone decide on the starting price of the auction and let us know.

Once sold, at the time of sending the work, the Artists must send us their bank details as well as an invoice (including 50% of the final auction price) so that they can be paid the percentage.

Invoice to the order of:

Notorious Brand, 26 rue des fusillés de chateaubriant 94430 chennevières sur marne // VAT FR33889811659

Please join your bank account details and IBAN if you wish a payment by bank transfer.

Please specify the e-mail address on which we can proceed to a payment by PayPal if you wish so.